Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Seedlings Hatching

Spring has sprung…in my kitchen that is! Over the weekend I notice a few seeds have hatched. Looks like chard, cauliflower and broccoli. I love when sprouts appear and the little anxiety of something not growing disappears.

Last night I also planted onions, a few tomatoes, and peppers. Peppers always seem to take a while to sprout so don’t be concerned if two weeks go by without movement.
Currently, this is what is growing:
  • Cauliflower: 4 plants
  • Broccoli: 4 plants
  • Bell Peppers: 6 plants
    (I love peppers though!)
  • Hot Peppers: 4 plants
  • Onions: 40
    (I love onions too!)
  • Tomatoes: 7
    (This includes all the varieties)
  • Leeks: 5
    (I don’t need a ton)
  • Kale: 2
  • Chard: 2
  • Peas: 4 packets

Just a note on onions- I add around 20 seeds per cell because they are easy to split and it saves tons of space!

I realized the big 50% seed sale at Smith’s was this past weekend! I hope some of you could take advantage of the deals. If not, here are a few coupon codes for Burpees Seeds.
15 % off $75
$10 off $50 or more
$5 off $30 or more

I’m also creating a list complete list of when I plant (indoor/outdoor) and when I transplant for all those interested. I’m almost done and will post it soon, but for now here is the schedule this week. I’d love some feedback to make it user friendly. The seeds I’m planting are added to this list but really just focus on the plant variety. I HIGHLY recommend splitting seeds with a friend or family member because you don’t need twenty tomato plants!

Here is my schedule this week:

This week my goal is to post information about creating good soil, the benefits of square foot vs. traditional vs. portage gardening, and how to plan a garden. I feel that if I post a deadline I’ll have more pressure to get ‘er done. 



  1. I always get so excited when my seed begin to sprout! It's like no other feeling. It's like they are saying, it never fails to give me a kick!! I have been sticking with flowers, but every year my dad will give me some tomato plants for my boys. He favors the burpee seeds as well and is always trying a new variety! What a fun post, thanks!!

  2. Oh happy sprouts! You are so organized! I am going to have a gardener's blog hop (not a hop, I hate those) called "How Does Your Garden Grow?" We can check in with each other every week to see how things are going. I hope you will join me!

    I haven't tried onions from seed. We have always used bulbs, maybe next year I will give it a whirl!!!

    1. For sure! I need someone to keep me going... I'm so good at documenting at the beginning and then become lazzzzzzzzy.

  3. Wow, so glad I found your post! I was JUST thinking about growing some veggies today, but I have no clue where or how to start! I noticed you said "transplant to bigger pot"--do you ever transplant them to soil outside?
    Thanks for the info!
    (new follower!)

    1. I do after the frost has past. I just like to have my tomatoes before July so I start them really early. Thanks Ang!

  4. This is soooo helpful and original, BTW!!!
    Hope all of them grow & grow and help you cook lots of yummy yummy food lol
    The chart´s fine. Guess you could add watering instructiond too.
    I love frach basil so I buy the plants at the local organic store. The problem is that they don´t last long. They all keep dying... Any tips???

    Hope you have a great day


  5. This is such a great resource! Thanks for posting this!!! Hoisin is an asian condiment... sweet and savory. Delish!

  6. I love it when gardener get that fresh few seedlings sprouting. I guess it all means that Spring is just around the corner.