Sunday, February 19, 2012

Restaurant Roulette

A favorite weekend game of ours is something we call Restaurant Roulette. This gives us the chance to try new restaurants, or at the least have an interesting story at the end of the night.
The Rules
(they change each time we play but here are the basics)
  • Choose a number for the night before choosing a location (helps eliminate cheating)
  • Choose a start point before counting, ideally a street with unique restaurants you haven't tried (favorites include Redwood Road, 33rd South, etc.)
  • Only count restaurants on street chosen
  • National chains may be included in the initial count; however, you cannot eat at a national chain
  • Coffee shops don’t count
  • Dine with at least one other couple or a group of friends who are daring
  • Bring ID as you just might end up at a club where people are at least 85 and over and will card you (Totem’s on Redwood)
  • Prepare to eat anything
Friday night my sister Aimee and family joined us for Restaurant Roulette on 700 East. The starting line was right off the freeway, and my cute niece Ava chose lucky number 11. The winner was a family favorite and a Utah landmark…

Hires, home of the famous Big H hamburger and other delicious American classics, was lucky number 11. I remember when the original owner would greet people at the door. Don was a sweet older man with silver hair who stood a little below my shoulder. He was customer service at its finest! 
I can’t remember the last time I ate at Hire’s, but it was my father’s favorite and brought a moment of nostalgia. In memory of dad, I went with the Big H, onion rings and a frosted root beer. YUM! I slipped a sip of root beer to Brad (my one year old) which, I realized moments later this was a bad idea. I also realized I really needed to trim his nails from looking at the scratches on my arm.

Let me know if you try roulette in the future. I’d love to hear your adventures.


  1. I hear Totem's doesn't let you bring children in. What's that all about?!

  2. We want to do this with you guys! Ha ha, you got lucky with Hires. Their root beer floats are TO DIE FOR and I LOVE their grilled cheeses. It's nostalgic for me too, my dad would always get all of us kids in the car and order us all grilled cheeses and floats and we'd eat it in the car. SO SO GOOD!