Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Universe Book

Before I begin gardening, I need to tell the story of how I received my favorite gardening book. Last spring my sister Susie bought Successful Home Gardening by Gordon Wells and she totally got me hooked. Only problem was she bought the book at Costco for $12 and it sold out in a heartbeat. Sue let me borrow the book a day at a time, but I never had enough time to really sink my teeth in it.
The online cost jump to $35, and knowing my sister bought a copy for a mere $12 made me a bit reserved. Trying to find a cheap copy became a daily routine from May until July but without avail.
In July, I decided to visit my grandmother and while driving home I suddenly saw the book in the middle of the road. At a brief glance I recognized the green cover and white letters. Almost causing a few accidents, I slammed on my breaks, made a sharp U turn, and ran out into the middle of the road signaling for cars to stop. After a daring rescue, I felt a little guilty that I grabed this book from the middle of the road. I decided to wait 10 minutes to see if anyone would return. No one did, so I stopped feeling guilty and moved on with my book in hand.
It is now know as the Universe book.  Now that I have it, I bought the recommend seeds for this year to put them to the test. (BTW- I split seeds with my sister to lower the cost).  Tomorrow, I’ll post my findings along with my indoor growing system.
As for tonight, I’m a bit behind in planting, but finally started soaking my peas for tomorrow. 

My good friend, and AMAZING gardener, Larry always told me to soak peas and beans the night before to help the germination process. If you are lazy like me and haven’t put your peas in the ground yet, get to it this week.
Happy planting!


  1. That is HILARIOUS about the book! YES, it was the universe telling you you needed it! :) I want to start growing stuff like this!!! Help?

    1. We need to get you a space for your garden first!

  2. LOL!!! Spot the book in the middle of the road, pull a sharp U and run out to the middle of the road to pick it up??? Why does that sound exactly like something you would do? :)