Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Onions from Seed

Onions are super easy to grow from seed as long as you start 10-8 weeks prior to transplanting.  I usually add 20 seeds per cell and the seeds grow into long blades of grass. The First couple weeks in April is a perfect time to transplant onions as they are cold tolerant, however, I'm waiting for my fertilizer and mulch to "cool" a little so they don't burn my starts. I decided to test transplanting my starts into a bigger pot while I wait. I've never transplanted onions twice so we will see what happens.

If this is your first year with onions, and the starts are ready to go, here are a few tips after you harden off the seedlings. (Letting the plants sit outside during the day for a few hours at a time to acclimate.) 
Sweet Spanish Yellow Onion (Awesome in Utah)

  • Harden off the plants
  • Make sure the soil is moist, making it easy to separate the onions
  • When you pull the clump of seeds & dirt from the container, carefully separate the grass like blades and their roots
  • Cut roots that are longer than three inches 
  • Stick your finger deep into the soil creating a hole 
  • Twirl the grass blade helping the roots into the hole
  • Bury the onion until the white/red area is covered
  • Water every other day until roots establish (maybe two weeks) 
  • then water one a week until harvest.

Red Onion


  1. Funny... I garden too, however I manage to stay away from onions. Not really intentional because we do eat a lot of them in my cooking... Maybe because its too easy?? After all you have reinforced that it is far to easy to plant them. Great post! Thanks for the insight on onions :)

  2. I keep planning to plant a garden but shamefully haven't started one yet. At least I can start planning what I want to grow in it! It is great news to find out onions are easy! The only onions I've "grown" are the wild ones that show up in the yard--love the smell of those, could have a yardful instead of grass! Thanks for the tips!

  3. I ♥ onions, especially red and walla walla. When we get our new garden in we're adding lots of onions. It helps that they're great bug deterrents for other vegetables.

    Your tutorial is very helpful. Let us know how the 2nd transplant goes!

  4. I'm getting very inspired to try my herb garden again. I have to keep it in pots, and away from all of the animals. Love your presentation and photos!