Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Operation Backyard

Phew...I lost my blogging spirit last week due to a sick baby! Looks like we are on the upswing of this nasty virus, but still remain quarantined to our home until he is not contagious. This has led to very little sleep in our household, and to mom comforting her feelings with donut holes, ice cream and a 2 liter bottle of Dr. Pepper. (Just to let you know, new feelings of despair developed from eating my feelings yet again.)

So.... I'm super hesitant to post before pictures of my backyard because frankly, it needs a TON of work, and it may take years before I'm satisfied. That being said, I feel posting the befores will give motivation to creating a masterpiece. (Kind of like the weight loss photo....BTW don't expect those to EVER be posted on my blog.)

Thom (my darling husband) finally gave in to my constant pleading for a huge garden, and it only took two years of begging! Really though, he is a dear and keeps me grounded because if I had my way the whole backyard would turn into a farm. He wanted a 16x16 space- I, of course, wanted at least half the yard. We settled with a good chunk in the back stretching fence to fence. Total gardening space: 24x75 ft. (SCORE!)

OK...I can do this...just take a deep breath...Here is the before:


  • Remove grow boxes, find new use
  • Remove random metal poles in the yard
  • Find a way to cover the 4 different fences
  • Prune the overgrown Pear and Apple tree 
  • Remove Grass from garden area, till, add nutrients to soil
  • Remove or find use for clothes line
  • Create a structure for the grapes
  • Create a outdoor living space 

For the past three Saturdays, Thom and I have dug, removed, hauled, cut, plowed, filled, pruned and bruised (our bodies) and honestly...there isn't too much difference. So give us, what... 20 more Saturdays and I think it could be worthy of an after picture. HA!

Here are pictures from 3 awesome weekends in the yard.
Here we go!

pruning and moving boxes to clothes line

Removing grass

Rest of the day spent at the dump (have about 4-5 more loads to go)


  1. Oh I hope little one is feeling better soon. I understand the pop and umm junk food, and the guilt of eating the emotions. I have big plans for our backyard too. You guys got a lot of work done! Good job!!

  2. Sorry your little one was sick. Cute photo though!
    Wow I wouldn't even know where to start on that yard! I'm overwhelmed by my 6ft piece of land! I'm impressed... Can't wait to see the progress!

  3. Hope your little one if feeling better!
    That looks like a huge endeavor. Wish I could send my resident garden expert (aka my mom) to your place to help. ;)
    Visiting from voiceboks.

  4. Sorry your babe was sick.
    Now about our garden space. Wow. That is incredible. Seriously amazing. I am so excited to watch your progress. Thanks for swinging by Mental Chew

    1. *your garden! Wow...seems like I got a little possessive there!

    2. Ha! I wish it was OUR garden. I'm thinking I bit off more than I can chew. My summer work schedule is nuts!

  5. Hope everyone is feeling better. Looks like you have a nice sunny spot for your garden! Yard work is so much. . . work! Good Luck and keep us updated

  6. Oh...I hope he gets well soon!

    And your yard! WHOA! God bless you...I'd love to see all the after pics :)